The Sentenced @ Bonerville | 07.20.14


Treatment @ Bonerville | 07.20.14


Lumpy and the Dumpers @ Bonerville | 07.20.14


I guess I wasn’t dressed punk enough for the show last night at Bonerville.

Always interesting how that sense of community goes right out the window when you can find someone to put the iron heel on.

Beck Performs In St. Louis For the First Time In Fourteen Years: Review and Photos ›

The RFT tapped me at the last minute to review Beck’s performance at The Pageant here in St. Louis. It was homeboy’s first show in town in over 14 years. It was an awesome night and, being an embarrassingly huge Beck fan, it was very awesome to have to opportunity to write about the evening.

Folks have a real hard time with humor in music journalism, so I suggest reading the comments.

Also, there are some great photos from Jason Stoff to behold, as well.

Pity Sex @ Fubar | 07.11.14

Photographed for Eleven Magazine.

"Oh lookie lookie, it’s Sutter with his goddamn picture box tryin’ to be the Ansel Adams of people who need to go get fucked."

It’s entirely too much fun to caption photos of Ray.

Economy Superstar @ BANK Projects | 07.01.14

A strange, wonderful man from Milwaukee.

I’m tired of your shit.

I posted this earlier today on Facebook and I figured I might as well share it on here since some of the things I’ve seen go down on Tumblr were part of the inspiration behind my thoughts. It’s a little scattered, but I went through and tightened up some of the grammar. Anyways…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I tend to observe or be involved in more and more situations/conversations that are, at core, reactionary in nature. It’s great that there are so many young people interested in discussing or learning about issues related to things like agency, classism, sexism, power dynamics, and the psychological exploitation threaded throughout many elements of modern life. I sure didn’t meet many folks interested in topics like these until I entered the middle years of my twenties and it’s refreshing to see that people are into exploring these issues and related topics. However, I feel a lot of times individuals enter conversations or discussions about these issues and ideas with the intention of creating and maintaining an argument where there is a clear winner and loser declared at some point in time, and the loser might as well be chucked up on a cross.

What makes that sort of situation problematic is when it is one person is using the “good” of an ideology or ism to marginalize a second party via what can be seen an a subjective binary choice or interpretation. Obviously, life isn’t always black and white. Rarely is it ever, but in a lot of the books and media we consume use a binary argument at some point for the sake of clarity. However, in the “blink and you’ll miss it” reality of social media and its intense valuation of the present moment there is little room to discuss and/or contemplate the grey areas where we find the real marrow of truth and humanity. This itself is a form of alienation at best and, at worst, intellectual imperialism.

I feel like this is something that create walls between people, that freezes individuals into their place in oppressive roles and systems. It takes the sense of play out of sincerity, making it more of a liability than anything else. It creates a world were everyone wants to breathe but can’t, to borrow an image from the Situationists.

I’m not trying to posture myself above or below anything here. I’m just putting some thoughts out in the hopes that it turns the gears in someone’s mind or starts some sort of productive discussion.

At least think about the grey areas for a bit.