Katie and Brad of Middle Class Fashion enjoying a Strange Donut in the alley behind Euclid Records. 04.19.14.

Sleepy Kitty at Euclid Records. 04.19.04.

Record Store Day!

Garage pop hunnies Bruiser Queen closing out Record Store Day at Apop Record. 04.19.14.

Wild Hex @ Apop Records. 04.19.14.

Record Store Day!

Papa Emeritus II of Ghost @ The Pageant 04.20.14.

Shot with a Lensbaby Edge 80.

Shot for Eleven Magazine.


Feels nice to break out the softbox from time to time.

Happy birthday, THC.

Photos: Karl's Basement III | 04.11.14 - ishotguydebord.com ›

Karl from Dad Jr./Boreal Hills throws basement shows from time to time and they’re typically a pretty sick affair.

I was going to write a pretty straight account of the evening but it kind of became a piece of about how basement/DIY shows are way more fun to than being shuffled into the photo pit for 3 songs.

Ran into some wytches at Karl’s Basement.