Animal Teeth @ Plush, St. Louis | 09.28.14

Boys put on a performance that was both titillating and cringe worthy.

Outside the Ferguson Police Department | 09.29.14

Last night in Ferguson.

The situation at West Florissant and Stein in Dellwood, Missouri on September 27th, 2014.

A crowd of protesters, many who had come from the Ferguson Police Department, gathered at the police staging area near the intersection of West Florissant and Stein late Saturday evening after reports of a police officer being shot near the Ferguson Recreational Center on Smith Ave.

Tensions flared briefly as rumors of a murder spread, some involving a dead officer, some involving a dead citizen.Members of the Peacekeepers, a local group of individuals who have helped deescalate many situations in and around Ferguson, showed anger and frustration.  

And yes, Tef Poe and Antonio French were present.

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson stated, “A police officer’s been shot tonight. That’s the only person that’s got shot.” After a volley of shouts he declared, ” I ask you all to leave. I will only ask once.”

The crowd was slow to disperse, the police wholly uninterested in escalating the situation. Still, there were officers from no less than 7 municipalities present. 

Hours later, an off duty St. Louis County Police officer driving on Westbound I-70 was fired on by a black Dodge Charger. The officer sustained minor injuries from broken glass and was treated at a local hospital. No suspects have been apprehended in relation to either incident.

As of right now there is no information present that connects these situations to the events surrounding the death of Mike Brown.

Buck 65 @ The Firebird, St. Louis | 10.31.13

An all-time great, for sure.

Animal Teeth brought terror to the deep suburbs.

Austin from Q threw a basement show for a friend who was leaving the country. They beat the shit out of broken laptop.



Jengus of suburbia.